Saturn’s Beautiful Aurora Pictures

| July 30, 2011

We can aurora on our planet Earth because auroras are nothing but simple natural display of lights that occurs because of collision of energetic charged particles that try to get into the Earth’s atmosphere from high altitude atmosphere. However, many space experts have now found auroras occurring on the poles of planet Saturn and which are very much identical with the auroras that happen on Earth. Andy Ingersoll, Team Member of Cassini Imaging have confirmed that they have seen ultraviolet auroras on the poles of Saturn and which look very much like auroras that we can see on the polar regions here on Earth. Watch the video below, an explanation by Andy Ingersoll.

Saturn’s beautiful aurora change and shimmer at different time period which makes it very much unique in their own way. Ingersoll also confirms that both the auroras on Earth and on Saturn have charged particles from outer space that are colliding with the inner atmosphere which is how they glow and create some sparkling effects. The magnetic field of the Saturn guides the particles into higher latitude which is why auroras on Saturn are only seen on poles like on Earth. The auroras on Saturn also provide a lot of insight information about space weather and how certain planets behave to different conditions.


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