Scientists Excavating Giant Ant Hill (Video)

| June 10, 2011

Throughout the ages scientists have a passion to discover and invent something which is new to the world. Here, we are talking about none other than a discovery about an ‘ant’ file. Actually scientists investigated to find out how the subterranean cities of Ants looked like. The science work of the scientists has been achieved due to their continuous efforts and passion to achieve something.

How Did They Excavate

Scientists used their brains and got the success in finding the ant colonies. They dug out 10 tonnes of cement down under the tubes or a hole made by ants into the mud. After a month with the help of scientist Louis Fortune, they discovered some giant and complex structures made by ant which seems to be a masterpiece amongst all. With the help of digging machines, loads and tonnes of earth’s soil was dug and they found subterranean highways connected to the main chambers and some fungus gardens too. This design was provided shortest path of transporting with great excellence and ventilation facility.

Everything seems to be truly designed by an architect. This Ant colony was a little complex owing to the fact that this was of 50 square meters in structure and 8 meters deep into the earth.

Purpose and Reason – The Giant colony of Ants is so huge for the size of the creature that it seems to be equivalent to the building of Great Wall of China. Although it can’t be seen from moon as the Great Wall of China, it can be easily called as one of the wonders of the world. The video shows that though ants are too small in size, their power cannot be underestimated when they work in unity. They have had known to achieve great things despite their small size.

Summary of the Video

The video talks about the effort spent by the scientists in the excavation process. The amount of cement removed was huge before the excavation work could be started. The scientists removed tonnes of earth with the help of special machines and diggers. The site is located on a side route coming from the main route. Tunnels are designed in such a way so as to provide quick transportation and adequate ventilation facility. The superb structure looks as if it were designed by a professional architect. However it has been made possible by the will power and hard work of none other than the smallest creature on earth-the ant.


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