Iphone 5 Expected Features Infographic

| May 24, 2011

Reports are surfacing from one of Apple’s suppliers of iPhone manufacturing equipment that expected orders are “several months later than usual” – which could be pointing to a September launch for the new iPhone handset. Analysts have been predicting for months that Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone handset would be set to launch in September 2011, as opposed to the usual June-July 2011 time frame. Is this really true? Anyway, here is some really cool infographics about Iphone 5.

Source: Cool infographics | Click to Enlarge :O


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  1. On the point about “2 Sim Card Trays”, I noticed you added the comment “Yeah right…” I hope you don’t think that’s impossible and no one does it.

    Before I ever got an iPhone, I had a knockoff called the SciPhone. It had dual Sim support and was faster than the iPhone model of the time. I only got rid of it because it had a unique, but crappy charger that easily fell apart and I would have had to reorder from China.

    SciPhones are sold out of China’s knockoff market. The Phone itself is still a good one though. There was no restriction on the phone’s OS, so it had the ability to freely install .jar applications, whereas for the iPhone you have to either buy apps from iTunes Store or jailbreak it.