First Amateur Picture of Saturn

| April 5, 2011

A team of GLP curious lads tested their 14″ telescope with the computer control software and the live camera. Here is a quick image of Saturn to give you an idea of what their scope can do. The image could be better focused but you get the idea. According to them, “was a cool night of testing the scope software and cam”.

The first amateur photo of Saturn. Not too bad eh?

This is truly a new discovery. Some people suggested that to point it at the moon, having a look at the “alien” bases up there and confirm if its made of rock, or Swiss cheese or has an atmosphere or not. Many knows what NASA already says about the moon but at the same time, since NASA are a lying bunch of ***wads, people like some real information on the moon. This could be the alternative. For those who don’t see it yet, Mystery in front of the Full Moon.

Source: GLP


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