The ISS Appears in Front of a Full Moon

| January 23, 2011

The event, whereby the International Space Station (ISS) appears in front of a full moon, happens more often than one would think. It crosses directly in front of the moon (a lunar transit) once every two or three days (during the night hours), and only lasts a couple seconds (the ISS orbits at 7.7 km/s). Catching it during a full moon on a clear night like this photo, however, is probably a once every few lunar cycle opportunity.

As for the visibility, it depends largely on your eyesight I imagine. It would probably appear just a a flying speck across the lunar surface. It’s far easier to catch the ISS whizzing past in the darkness, if its at an angle where the sun reflects off it, almost like a shooting star. If you manage to capture any photo similar to this, you are more than welcomed to send it to me. Don’t worry about the speed of your Internet connection as you can easily find information on broadband deals anywhere on the Internet. Thumbs up!

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  1. Rashid Shaikh says:

    its a satelight

  2. Nargall Dune says:

    I think It’s WALL-E … 😀
    As You can see, he did his job 😀

  3. Zyrina says:

    It is a satellite… lol

  4. Dany Talloen says:

    Yup, it sure isn’t ISS :(

  5. rhi says:

    Its a satelight -.-

  6. Blogged It says:

    like rashid said looked like a satallite or in a bad angle

  7. M.H.M says:

    Hard to say whether it is a mere satellite or an ISS but for sure it is something!

  8. ХУЙ says:

    its a Photoshop fake you motherfuckers

  9. roman says:

    It’s Fake

  10. ayaz says:

    It’s Fake its a Photoshop fake you motherfucker

  11. rocky says:

    it’s that i have never seen. nice 1 thanks

  12. WHITEY says:

    just believe it, it is true, i have seen it through a 36″ telescope and have captured the picture myself

  13. markus K. says:

    If you look closely, you can make out the solar panels. I am honestly guessing what the term I.S.S. stands for and which is Identified Space Ship, and therefore say YES there is a I.S.S. in this picture. This does NOT imply that it is an alien ship (even though,in my opinion, that there IS life from and on other worlds), but something more earth/human created (satellite). This is a high resolution photo from a very excellent camera, so it’s a very good bet it’s not photoshoped.

  14. Arturo says:

    I.S.S stands for International Space Station….NOT identified Space Ship…LOL

  15. Note the black speck

  16. the dumbest guy in the world says:

    thank god for genius’ like markus!

  17. Gray3z says:

    It is the I.S.S. here is a link to a N.A.S.A site so you can see it looks similar to a satellite.

    Also it’s not a Photo Shop as far as I can tell because the image was not pasted on do it having an exact pixel match.

  18. JohnJohn says:

    It’s obvious.. is a UFO :))) – not alien UFO – just earthly UFO..

    on: it looks like ISS – just oher the mouse over the image and it’s says ISS – and looks like iss

  19. ManjoMo says:

    It looks like a Tie Fighter.^

  20. Robert K. says:

    for all the angry talibans saying this it’s fake :)

  21. Javier says:

    I think its fake…

  22. gupta says:

    If that’s ISS so it should be very large, couse you couldn’t take focus of ISS and Mood aat same time, with sharp edges! 😀

  23. Kurk says:

    Wow most of you must be 5 years old, “oh lets just look at the pictures”, there’s an article directly above it explaining everything

  24. salah lorong says:

    assalamualaikum ..pasti SATELIT jgn tertipu…

  25. wow, .. whether it’s pictures, .. ? interesting information thank you

  26. will says:

    Tie Fighter!!!!

  27. Jessie Jackson says:

    You guys are so dumb…

    It’s obviously a Tie fighter

  28. Hayme says:


  29. smart says:

    wow its a satellite which can be seen from the earth…
    may that ll be Indian satellite. i am proud to be Indian….

  30. ryscript says:

    it’s a fake :)

    @Hayme Decepticon huh

  31. Treppenlift says:

    its really fake one.. so is this the size means what about the actual size.. i guess it will takes only one day to surround. what a great joke…

  32. angel says:

    Look’s like one of them ships from Star Wars was Photoshopped in lol

  33. Ciantar says:

    Great Job.
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