Dalton Ghetti’s Creative Pencil Tip Arts

| July 31, 2010

Many artists have used pencils to create beautiful pieces of work – but only one creates stunning masterpieces on the tip of one. Microscopic artist Dalton Ghetti spends up to two-and-a half years painstakingly crafting each handmade piece on the graphite of a pencil. Mr Ghetti, who works as a carpenter, has been working with pencils for about 25 years and his stunning sculptures include Elvis, the entire alphabet, linking chains and even an entire church which is just 10mm tall. Credit to Dailymail for the amazing photos of Dalton’s Ghetti pencil artworks.

Ghetti's Pencil Art
Ghetti's Pencil Art
Ghetti's Pencil Art
Ghetti's Pencil Art


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  1. Logo Desigm says:

    WOW this is amazing…. It design very well… its wonderful..
    thanks for the sharing.. :0

  2. its wonderful .please keeps getting better and better

  3. Dalton Ghettis Creative Pencil Tip Arts

  4. Kostya says:

    Interesting idea :)
    I believe there are more interesting pencil ideas on http://www.mutolibri.com
    It’s amazing to see how much difference can be made by creative thinking!

  5. Austin Dance says:

    These are amazing!! I cannot believe all of those figures are made out of graphite. I would love to seem them up close in their real size.