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| May 12, 2010

If you are looking for the best Los Angeles colocation servers with great resiliency and great facilities for scalability and recovering from disasters at a very low cost, then Networkrim is surely the answer for you. First of all, it has some inexpensive standard features like monitored NOC, backup generators on diesel and seismic bracing to ensure that the uptime is always 99% and business is never interrupted. The fully reliable and robust infrastructure will be provided support every day all through the year understanding your business needs and the strong dependency on the servers.

Networkrim Los Angeles

Networkrim also allows you do away with spending money of multiple server collocation services and instead pool 1U servers allowing extra rack space for you. This facility also allows up to 6 IP addresses. Another package from Networkrim allows you to pool space and bandwidth and have as many IP addresses as required.

Networkrim provides the best Los Angeles web hosting services. There are three different plans called silver, gold and platinum each tailor made for the customers who need different features. Apart from reliability and a 99% uptime, customers also get an Email account and an SQL panel. They also get support for PHP and the web, the latter available 24 X 7. Customers need not be worried about the initial setup either.

The silver plan is slightly more advanced and gives unlimited disk space and bandwidth to the customers along with a sql panel and unlimited email accounts. Customers also get to use SQL databases for the data storage. Web support and PHP support are provided in this plan as well. For high end customers, platinum plan proves to be very useful as it has all the features of a gold plan and also gets premier level support to cater to your business needs. One also gets unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email accounts.

If you are looking for great Los Angeles dedicated servers Networkrim has some features that will really excite you. The gold plan for example, comes with a Core 2 Quad processor, a 4GB RAM, 1000 GB hard drive and a total monthly transfer of a whopping 3000GB. The Premier too has similar features but you also get 24 X 7 premier level support. The dedicated server receives monitoring and data recovery services, 24 X 7 support and also future upgrades and patches.


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