Raw McChicken – Check before You Eat!

| November 27, 2009

I saw these photos posted on some non-English blog. Since McDonalds are multi-national company which has branches around the world, I wonder which country the photos coming from. The chicken burger looked cook outside but raw inside. I almost vomit after seeing this photo. Don’t assume any fast-food restaurants are guaranteed clean and safe because things could happen. So, please check before you eat or else…….

Raw McChicken

Raw McChicken

Source: Melayukini


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  1. Dave says:

    Actually, that ham and cheese, “coated” in chicken, served in the McDonald’s all over France, please check your sources before posting things like this.

  2. Huzaifah says:

    Ok the things are:
    1) the pictures were not taken in France
    2) That “thing” doesnt look like a ham…
    3) Mc”Chicken” Deluxe..so ham included?