Could You Play with a 15-Foot Python? They Can!

| November 9, 2009

Python is a non-poisonous snake that is large and muscular. Being among the biggest and fearsome snakes in Asia, its length can reach up to 15 feet and weight up to 140kg. With its large body and squeezing-power, it can easily kill and consume small mammals like pigs and goats. I can’t imagine any human can live together with a python. But here we are, looking straight to the photos of these “crazy people” with their “pet”. While I’m not sure where the photos were taken, I can confirm that it was somewhere in Asia. They played the python like a toy! (Probably they already dead while you are reading this haha)

Snake Family

The innocent boy was lying on the python with a very relaxing manner without once thinking about the future danger he might engage. How peaceful…

Snake Family

His other friend chose the head python over the Ultraman puppet in his right hand.

Snake Family

The family members were really underestimating the python’s animal instinct. They played the python cheerfully without feeling any fear. Thinking safe? Forget it. It is a big solute to them!

Snake Family
Snake Family
Snake Family
Snake Family
Images Source: Keralites Net


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  1. e cigarette says:

    Ya great idea to let the little kid play with it.

  2. Daniel says:

    Looks like it’s well fed in the pictures, that’s why it’s not attacking them. Wait until it’s hungry and they try and play with it.

  3. E Cig says:

    I would love to play with a snake, never have before.

    Your girl Mary :)

  4. Shopalu says:

    Those kids are freakin’ rambo.

  5. This people have some real Guts!

  6. abeed says:

    OMG ! man … i’ve seen a snake but never seen people Play with snakes !!!!

  7. i would never put my children at such risk.. the pictures are very deceiving it looks like the python is harmless!!

  8. wow!! i’m speechless if i was inthat position i would never have let my child play with snakes!!

  9. this is crazy! i don’t know what this people are thinking but putting a child at risk is unacceptable.

  10. who in the right mind would put their kids at this risk, it may have been their family pet but anything can happen and putting those kids at that risk is totally unacceptable.

  11. amazing! i would never ever do this! i hate snake i think i even have a phobia on snakes.

  12. Dog Walking says:

    this is craziest thing i’ve seen! don’t too much faith on your pets something might just go wrong!

  13. wow! that python can swallow that boy with ease i wonder why their parents take such a risk

  14. Amazing pictures!! thanks for sharing this i don’t if i had the guts to do that

  15. M.H.M says:

    phython for the winner!

  16. phone spying says:

    This is crazy! if it was me in that boy’s position i would have definitely freak out!

  17. p90x says:

    I think Pythons are not a good idea for kids to play with. The snake looks like the family dog.

  18. i bet this python has had it’s meal already and is already full if not they are crazy to try this stunt.

  19. i bet you’re right but this is still some crazy stuff! i would never let me kids do this

  20. this is some crazy stuff!!

  21. damn, that is really bizarre things i ever seen…..

  22. Vincencsmith says:

    This is very awesome and fantastic Picture.Python is very dangerous snake.Everyone have been afraid from this snake.

  23. robin yates says:

    this python is in the Philippines. The owner has had it for many years and it is a well known tourist attraction.He is called Prony and is on an island called Bohol, near Cebu city, Visayas region

  24. M.H.M says:

    Thanks Robin for additional information about this python..

  25. Adventure26 says:

    You guys havnt heard of this family on tv? The python seeks the young boy out even after they took it back to the forest.. no one knows why(of course) and they made the cage he’s in now to keep him from freely being around the young boy.. Duh

  26. OMG….. amazing pictures… thats very dangerous…

  27. woow……….. great pictures ever i’ve seen..!!

  28. Grosir Batik says:

    this python is in the Philippines. The owner has had it for many years and it is a well known tourist attraction

  29. Thanks very interesting blog!