Amateur Rocketry – Not Just an Explosion!

| October 7, 2009

Amateur rocketry is a hobby in which participants experiment with fuels and make their own rocket motors, launching a wide variety of types and sizes of rockets. Even the hobby is sound lame, amateur rocketeers have been responsible for significant research into hybrid rocket motors, and have built and flown a variety of solid, liquid, and hybrid propellant motors. While many of them have their own motto, many agree with the motto of “the failure is fun when the explosion is big enough”. Below are some photos of real work on amateur rocketry. Enjoy!

Rocket Man…

Rocket Man

Rocket Dad…

Rocket Dad

Maverick Long Rocket

Maverick Rocket

Rocket Geek

Rocket Geek

Star Trek Rocket

Star Trek Rocket

Wiring up the Rocket

Wiring up Rocket

Rocket Launch Party

Rocket Launch Party

Blue Tunder Rocket

Blue Thunder Rocket

Big Guy’s Rocket

Big Rocket

Big EARS Rocket Explosion!


Testing SFSM Rocket

SFSM Rocket


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